RRepair of motor vehicles and motorcycles in San Giuseppe Vesuviano

Quick service , friendly and professional

ELEKTRA has been working for years with individuals and professionals for wholesale and retail of electrical supplies.
Along with the construction of plants, cabins and electrical panels, the marketing of electrical products, radio and lighting, goes to constitute the most important part of our work.
And 'that for which we are known, appreciated and demanded all over the area.
However this peak activity, over the years, it has also added a further specialization, the one dedicated to the repair of cars and motorcycles in San Giuseppe Vesuviano.
Alongside the warehouse and the store, you find also a machine shop with specialized operators and elettrauto.
Our are true experts in the field of electrical components applied to the mechanics of motor vehicles and motorcycles.
So we have an entire department dedicated to the professional supply of electric components for vehicles on two and four wheels, as well as the personnel during the installation, modification and repair of the same.
We enhance vehicles, we make them better and more functional and, again, we repair them.
Also we certify and verify our work regularly, speaking also on processes performed by third parties.
Once again we demonstrate reliable partner, transparent professionals, skilled and versatile, able to adapt to the requirements of customers.
The elasticity with which we operate is equal to the quality of the items offered to the public, in the formula "money back" and the chance to return within thirty days.

Among other things, the prices proposed by ELEKTRA are, once again, the most competitive in the industry.
Sbaragliamo competition, thanks to a very special service, extremely detailed and integrative.
simple mechanical not, therefore, but experts in the electricity sector to 360 degrees.
ELEKTRA is a leader in the field of repair of cars and motorcycles in San Giuseppe Vesuviano plus a delivery service of spare parts and components for multi-brand vehicles.
Items are original and trade, but also professional and compativi, therefore suitable for any car.
At our factory and our stores you can find pretty much everything, thanks to the skill and expertise of our experts in the field are really unbeatable.
Everything that is not directly available, can be ordered by catalog or the manufacturers, you can just refer to the catalog and contact our operators.
We have a constantly updated stock and also offer accessories for bicycles and motorcycles.
In detail, in addition to installing components, change vehicles and repairing them, we market: lubricants and batteries for cars and motorcycles, parts and spare parts for mechanics, body shop and auto electrical part and the bike, plus we have all the 'equipment necessary for the ordinary or extraordinary repairs on civil cars, industrial and commercial.

If this were not enough, ELEKTRA also provides customers starter motors for cars, drive shafts, radiators, shock absorbers for industrial vehicles, mufflers, clutch, transmission and distribution shafts, floor mats, horns, batteries for heavy vehicles , brakes, ABS, suspension and electric windows.
Also available centralization systems, locks, electric keys, remote controls, alarm system, GPS systems and integrated navigation systems, articles for car radios and antennas.
It 'really vast list of products, accessories, components and spare parts that we are able to provide and install on your car.
Contact the ELEKTRA operators to request information about the products available for sale or on order.
For these supplies can receive information cards and artwork.
Also you can ask for advice and diagnosis of one of our representatives by appointment.
Our workshop is open to the public and the mechanics are always available.
We carry out any type of intervention on two- and four-wheelers, vans, commercial vehicles and trucks.
We have mechanics, body shops and electrician, as well as experts in helping tires.
Book also periodically review and routine control of the consumption of your vehicle.