Maximum reliabilty and lasting through time

ELEKTRA essentially is an activity dedicated to the sale and installation of electrical supplies, both in the retail sale and the wholesale. Our articles are highly performing, technologically modern, avant-garde, literally professional supplies, used by experts of the field. However, the products, as much as the services, can be addressed to small and big enterprises, as well as single professionals or private citizens. For this reason, as well, we offer a wide price list, with convenient and flexible packets. This allow us to come across the most diverse necessities and to satisfy different expectations, without for this reason having to propose exaggerate prices. Articles and services, even if they are of a high quality, keep then reasonable costs, which are highly competitive. We are leader in this field and, during the years of activity, we have been, and we still are, the first choice of many professionals. Moreover, we do not limit ourselves to the sale of electrical cable in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, ELEKTRA is not only a simple electricians’ supplier. The wide range of products we handle is really endless, with diversified and complete proposals, both in terms of models and dimensions, and also for the performances, usage destination, prices and materials used.

Many solutions, many chances, many varieties and many more combinations, all of them having in common the same quality. We grant our articles, such as our services, because we rely to the best brands of the market, which are excellent and reliable partner, capable of ensuring the formula “satisfied or refunded”, but especially, always ready to offer the service of post-sale assistance with reparation activities, substitutions and supply of original replacements or suitable ones. Our products and our installations are granted, certified and secure.
Moreover, even if time has passed, you will be able to complete, integrate or substitute your plants or the single components, and you will be sure to find at our store all the suitable articles related to your system. The accuracy of ELEKTRA only comes after our professionality, because the experience gained through the years brought us to make ambitious choices, but always aware and thoughtful ones.
Today we are the number one and we sell electrical cable in San Giuseppe Vesuviano and electrical supplies in most parts of Italy. Among the articles available and sold you will also find: electric wires, telephonic wires, optical fiber wires, low and medium tension wires, hi-fi coaxial cable, control unit, cabins, devices, antennas for radio-frequencies, transformers, electric material for both civil and industrial installations, materials for wirings, system and plants for illumination, also LED, intercoms, switches, even automatic ones, domotic systems, alarm systems and sensors, video surveillance and centralized systems. For what concerns the section related to the domestic plants we deal with air conditioning systems, refreshers, ventilators, and automatic ventilation systems. Our quality standards are high and the performances are ensured: for this reason, we grant every intervention and we offer the chance to substitute the products bought within thirty days. Flexibility, transparence and professionality marks out our work since the very beginning, and for this reason, every day the company that choose to work with us are increasing, by giving us special commissions and allowing us to supply them with all the necessary equipment.
Our technicians go on demand also at home, in order to install, to modify or repair plants, devices and articles sold by us or by other companies. You will be able to benefit from the service of customized planning or you will be able to give us a design with all the specific information related to your necessities. Our technicians, the electricians and the workers collaborating with ELEKTRA will be able to interpret them and to actualize them. The customer assistance service, in fact, includes the realization and installation of plants, cabins, electric control stations, both industrial and civil ones. We do visitations and free evaluation of the costs, also supplying the clients with the raw materials needed. A service that goes from A to Z, from the very first project to the actual trial, going by the realization, the installation of our products and the maintenance (both ordinary and extraordinary).
The services available for the electrical field regards:

The automation with meters, thermic relay, motor saver, selector and fuse cases
  • The distribution with air shifts, modular shifts, signal unity, discharger, timers and industrial transformers
  • The electrical cables and unipolar cables 1x1.5, 1x2.5, 1x4 and 1x6, other than multipolar cables 1x3.5, 3x2.5, 3x4 and 3x6;
  • Civil articles with shift, buttons, deviators, inverters, sockets, and centrals
  • Illumination and illumination engineering both outdoor and indoor with light bulb and projectors
  • Intercom and video intercom
  • Video surveillance and video cameras

If you still have any doubt about the work of ELEKTRA, you can view work that have already been done on our Facebook page, you can read the comments of those who have already benefitted from our services or you can touch by hand the quality of our articles. You will be able to do all this in different ways: coming at our office, making us a phone call, viewing the online catalogues. We are always available for you for every happening, used to solve in autonomy every kind of problem, also in real time.