Quality Electric Supplies For Every Need

Elektra of Ambrosio in San Giuseppe Vesuviano is one of the main sellers of electrical materials. This is a valuable reality to refer to in the field of the distribution both for the wholesale and retail sale of electrical material, all of it being strictly selected and coming from the companies that produce the most looked for brands on the market. The company boasts years of experience on the field, side to side with companies of small and big professionals in the electricity field. 

ELEKTRA has become a true landmark for the workers of the field and for all those who need high quality professional supplies. From its opening to today, Elektra has been able to increase the range of products and services offered. The electrical components are our bread and butter, whatever nature they are of, and, for this reason, we offer consultations, sidings, pre-sale and post-sale assistance, all of them being services dedicated to the world of electrical supplies. Moreover, our expert technicians are available for the evaluation of the costs (which is completely free of charge) for the planning and installing of cabins, control panels, professional electric plants. 

Our dedicated services extend to the whole Italian territory, because Elektra is a young, dynamic, flexible activity. Moreover, the many years of activity, the experience gained on the field, the continuous professional updating which our staff undertakes, allow us to keep our record in matter of sale and installation of devices and electric supplies. In fact, we are constantly updated for what concerns the new of the field, and very often we ourselves promote and anticipate experimental products and new trends. All of this with the precise aim to better satisfy the clients, other than interpreting necessities and expectations.

We want to anticipate your requests and help you in your daily job, always ready to solve every problem. To reach this ambitious result, the first step that Elektra decided to take, is the one to increase and check the services offered, granting rapidity, completeness and versatility. We are always present for you, in every moment and wherever you are, with a service of customer assistance completely dedicated. In the second place, we thought about offering an extremely wide range of articles and supplies, all of them, obviously, of a very high quality. We offer many articles, and you can find them at our store as well as at our storehouse. Other than assisting the clients, being side to side with them, doing the evaluation of the costs, our company deliveries its materials within 24 hours in the whole regional territory and within 48 hours for the rest of Italy.

We deal with everything that is useful in the world of electricity and illuminating engineering, specifically: transformer, electric material for both civil and industrial installations, materials for wirings, system and plants for illumination, also LED, intercoms, switches, even automatic ones, domotic systems, alarm systems and sensors, video surveillance and centralized systems. A particular mark goes on the department dedicated to the wirings, our true strong point with electric wires, telephonic wires, optical fiber wires, low and medium tension wires, hi-fi coaxial cable, control unit, cabins, devices, antennas for radio-frequencies and many more.

The company and professional that relied on for their realizations us are many, both for buying the raw materials and for benefitting from our services of planning and direct installation. Elektra can become your ideal partner, the reality to rely to and to entrust part of the work you have to do, specifically the one regarding the electrical components and systems. Technicians, workers, qualified electricians side every day our sellers, with the aim of ensuring an efficient siding and a safe and reliable service. We are sure of the quality we offer because we use products which are certified, secure and selected. Our proposals are the best, the articles sold and used and various ad well sorted; moreover, the prices proposed to the public, both for retail sale and wholesale, are truly convenient. We keep facing the competitor realities working on the territory, thanks to avant-garde and technologically speaking modern supplies. Furthermore, you will be able to consult the catalogue of our articles or, even better, to get our informative material directly at home. We are also present on Facebook with constant updating, with direct testaments of our works and with the technical schedules of our leading products.